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Kiss Your Fish...

...it loves you more than you know.

For people who kiss their fish.
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...Everyone, to learn about Goldfish or other fishyness, go here. It will answer most/all of your goldfish needs:


1) Respect eachother, respect yourself, respect your goldfish, and other peoples' goldfish. Highest rule, this always must be followed...it might be hard to do, but it's important that you follow, to get along. ^_^
2) Please give others feedback on their questions if you can, or try to help out with problems, because I feel that sometimes in a stressful situation, not enough people help out to get the problem corrected...I've been stuck in the situation before and it's not very great. ;_;
3) Pictures are allowed of fish, but no fish porn. kthnx? o.O;
4) HAVE FUN!! :D <3
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